About Us

The first African CBD company, supplying
only the purest, most natural CBD and other Hemp products

Pure, broad-spectrum Hemp extracts – for holistic well-being.

The Good Bloom
The Good Bloom range of premium CBD is crafted from the finest Hemp extracts carefully blended with the essence of Africa.

Only the purest, most natural CBD
{Button: CBD extracts made from certified organic Hemp flowers, delivered in a range of hand-pressed Marula Nut oils and unique Microlipid technology.}

All the goodness preserved

Only the finest flowers are chosen for extraction, which is performed using finely calibrated supercritical CO2 extraction technology in a GMP facility.
Using harmless carbon dioxide under high pressure and low temperature,
this method helps preserve Cannabidiol, other Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Flavonoids and other phytoactives, while leaving no traces behind except pure goodness.

The Good Bloom CBD in African Marula Nut Oil

Our signature range of CBD in synergy with the essence of Africa

Broad spectrum Hemp extract is gently infused with the nourishing oil of the Marula nut – creating a CBD tincture eagerly absorbed by your body.

The perfect carrier for Cannabinoids
The fruit of the sacred Marula tree is community harvested and cold-pressed to yield the valuable Marula Nut Oil. The oil has a long history of use to maintain beauty and nourish the body. Marula Nut Oil has exceptional stability, and helps preserve infused cannabinoids.
It’s the perfect carrier for Cannabinoids too!
The thin, delicately golden and highly nutritious oil is easily absorbed by your body – taking the CBD with it.

Microlipids for rapid absorption, targeted action and maximum care

CannaSoma Microlipid Body Care

Unique microlipid bodycare range crafted from cold-pressed African oils, organic whole hemp extracts and select phytoactives.

-Carefully selected skin feeding oils and nutrients.
-CBD and other ingredients for wholebody benefit.

-Unique microlipid technology ensures optimal skin conditioning.

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. My wife and I have used the GOOD BLOOM NANOSOMAL CBD SKINSPRAY and have had tremendous pain relief.

  2. By far the most impressive company supplying cannabis products in South Africa.
    HempHub has truly set a bench mark , well done to all involved.
    Your cannabinoid profile matched up with your choice of carrier oils, spray and lotion is all pure creation conciseness.
    I commend you and will strive to stand beside you one day waiting for the results on an award for best South African cannabis product.
    I pray that Yahweh blesses you and I ask him to bless all your endeavors in the future.
    Thank you for caring so deeply about our mother earth, your care will resinate into the people that use your products.
    The essence of ones spirit is captured into medicine when the healer is true to his calling and mission, which is clearly visible in your meds.
    With enormous respect and admiration
    One love brother

  3. Wow. I’m fascinated. My Mom and Dad ( octogenarias ) have no cartilage left in their knees so they suffer all the time with pain. They are not on any chronic medication, BP, sugar & cholesterol are all in the correct parameters. My Mom still digs in the garden and cuts the lawn but the next day her knees kill her. Shame, is there anything you can recommend? I did get some cannibis oil for them to try out over two months but it didn’t do anything for them. Its possible that the oil wasn’t the real deal… The source was iffy. Thank you for your time.

  4. Do you still have Nanosomal Skinspray CBD?

  5. Great results for anxiety and sleeplessness. Thank you!

  6. Hi, will this product do anyting for arthritis?

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