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Hemp is the most versatile plant on the planet, and has been used since the most ancient time’s as a source of food, fibre and medicine. Let us connect you with this amazing plant, educate you about the potential of the crop and its infinite uses, and get to know the people growing and creating with it.

Broad spectrum Hemp extracts – for holistic well-being.

A range of high quality, affordable CBD extracts made from 100% organic Hemp flowers, delivered in a range of hand-pressed Marula Nut oils and world-leading Nanosomal technology.

The Good Bloom range of premium CBD is crafted from Cannabidiol extracts from European Hemp flowers.

A phenomenal Nanosomal CBD Skinspray, or CBD infused in hand-pressed Marula Oil for easy oral dosing – We offer several ways to get CBD into your body to get the most out of this valuable well-being supplement.

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So far so good. Totally calm which is unheard of. Last night he was all over the place like a mal haas. 3 drops at 2:15 pm and 3 at 6pm… doing much better than last night. Not one episode at school yet. By now he would have had at least three. Whooohoo!

Today his teacher came running to me with his book. He has always sucked at creative writing. He has never been able to write more than three lines. He wrote a 4 page essay all by himself. Precise and articulate complete with drawings. She asked him what has changed. He said my brain is calm, I can think. The jumble is gone. WOW!
I am flawed. He is so chilled and happy! I just wanted to help his anxiety. He has always has super overhearing to the extent that he would hear a person shift in his seat ever so slightly at the back of the class. He has never been able to think clear enough to concentrate and finish a task. A full 4 pages of full scrap A4 writing. We though it would never happen. Maths test 100% today and finished 20 minutes early! This is nuts!

Dude the CBD sprays are a joy on my back muscles. Thank you so much!

Tried the spray on my feet with nerve pain. 10 minutes. Gone. Awesome stuff
I had a back op to help me walk when I was 14. It worked but the side effects are nerve pain. They worked on my spinal cord nerves. The nerve pain is quite horrible as I start off with a headache first. Sprayed where the pain was. Didn’t rub in, waited 10 minutes. My entire foot is relaxed. Awesome

My wife and I have used the GOOD BLOOM NANOSOMAL CBD SKINSPRAY and have had tremdous pain relief.

Since my early teens, I’ve been plagued by a mild form of eczema, and various inflammatory cysts / zits/stye’s , from a top of my head to my arms and legs and back. I’ve tried various diets (believing that it must be something i eat or maybe some chemical, also trying out all different kinds of products … All with little or none success. I’ve been using hemphub’s CBD drops and spray for just over a month, and I’m happy to say that I’ve seen a 80% improvement in my skin, and hope to do away with all signs within 3 months. I would highly recommend this product for anyone that could benefit from CBD

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